Biofilms6 takes place in Vienna, Austria, 11-13 May 2014 at the University of Vienna.

We have now received more than 240 abstracts from researchers from 33 nations around the world. We are looking forward to welcoming you to an exciting and stimulating meeting in Vienna.

The scientific program including the abstracts is being finalized and will be posted soon. If you submitted an abstract for the meeting, all abstracts have been accepted. Please remember that registration is required for those who have submitted an abstract and will be presenting at Biofilms 6.

„Understanding biofilms“ with a focus on environmental and technical systems and on general biofilm research is the theme of this International Conference. Session topics encompass evolutionary ecology of biofilms, new and emerging technologies in biofilms research, integrated omics-approaches to biofilms structure and function, mathematical modelling, biophysics and environmental consequences, gene regulation of biofilms dynamics, and the extracelluar space of biofilms.

Biofilms6 will be a small-scale meeting to ensure high attendance to oral and poster presentations and lots of opportunities to meet and discuss. High consideration, also through Young Investigator’s Awards, will be given to PhD students and young researchers.



AuthorTitle AbstractChange
Xueqing WU 14323 - Cadmium stimulates biofilm formation by Staphylococcus epidermidislast paragraph:
Up-regulation of atlE (10.5 folds), embp (5.4 folds), icaA (22.1 folds), icaB (26.8 folds) and agrB (3.9 folds) after exposure to 3.13 µM cadmium was observed in planktonic bacteria. No gene dysregulation was observed in biofilm bacteria. In conclusion, at concentrations of 1.56 or 3.13 µM, cadmium stimulates S. epidermidis biofilm formation and adversely affects cell viability. Modification in gene expression was observed in planktonic bacteria but not in those enclosed in the biofilm.  



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